Session of AK BARS Bank Board of Directors took place on April 21st, 2010

The Board of Directors of the Bank approved preliminarily annual report, financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, of AK BARS Bank by the results of 2009. The members of the Board of Directors gave recommendations regarding the amount of share dividends and the order of their payment, approved recommendations on distribution of profits by the results of 2009.

The Board of Directors also studied the Report of the Management Board on the realization of the annual financial plan of AK BARS Bank for the first quarter of 2010, which was introduced by the Chairman of the Management Board Robert Minnegaliev. It was mentioned in the report that according to the results of the first quarter the funds of private customers attracted by the Bank increased by 8,6% and amounted to 34,1 billion rubles, the deposits of legal entities increased by 7,5 billion rubles or by 6,3% and amounted to 95,5 billion rubles. Total assets as of 01.04.2010 amounted to 228,8 billion rubles.

The Board of Directors fixed the date and the venue of the Annual general meeting of shareholders, approved the agenda for the Annual general meeting of the shareholders and assigned the auditor of AK BARS Bank for 2010.

Related-party deals planned for the period from 27.05.2010 until the next general meeting of shareholders were approved and recommended for approval by the General meeting of shareholders. In addition, the report of the Controller of AK BARS Bank for the first quarter of 2010 was studied, and the following documents were approved: the amendments to the Statutes, the Regulations on the General meeting of the shareholders of AK BARS Bank and the reports on the results of the issue of non-convertible interest-bearing documentary bonds to the bearer of the series 05 and 06 fixed repayment only.

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Audited by the Certification Association Russian Register, Ak Bars Bank has become the first Russian bank to have proven its business continuity management system to be compliant with ISO 22301 (GOST R ISO 22301).
The Bank held a tender procedure for the supply of FSC-certified copy paper.