Ak Bars Bank held its first green procurement

The Bank held a tender procedure for the supply of FSC-certified copy paper. Uncertified suppliers were prevented from participating in procurement.

FSC certification is a non-obligotary confirmation of the fact that companies’ forest management and supply chain comply with the Forest Stewardship Council standards.

The key requirement within this certification is the supply chain continuity — from the forest to the consumer. This ensures the wood of unknown origin and illegal wood is excluded from the chain.

«The development of sustainable procurement is an essential component of the Bank’s sustainable development. The procurement of the FSC-certified paper is the first step across the long way to proceeding to green procurements. We plan to review the criteria for the different suppliers and further proceed to more energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies and products. There is still much work ahead,» said Dmitry Kapustin, the Director of the Procurement Department.

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Audited by the Certification Association Russian Register, Ak Bars Bank has become the first Russian bank to have proven its business continuity management system to be compliant with ISO 22301 (GOST R ISO 22301).
The Bank held a tender procedure for the supply of FSC-certified copy paper.