Joint Stock Commercial AK BARS Bank repaid bonds of the second series for 1,5 bln roubles

AK BARS Bank paid on January 22, 2009 the 6th coupon yield and fulfilled redemption of bonds (interest bearing, non-convertible documentary, with the obligatory centralized storage, payable to the bearer, series 02, state registration number 40202590B). The total amount of the coupon yield and the redemption volume made up 1 559 835 000 (one billion five hundred fifty-nine million eight hundred thirty-five thousand) roubles.

The bonded dept of AK BARS Bank with the circulation period of 3 years was placed in January 2006. The volume of the loan was 1 500 000 000 (one billion five hundred million) roubles. The interest rate under the 6th coupon made up 8.00% per annum.

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