AK BARS placed Eurobonds for 280 mln USD

On December 3, 2000 SPV Company of AK BARS Bank AK BARS Luxembourg S.A. placed Eurobonds maturing in 2012 in the amount of 280 mln USD with a coupon yield of 10.25% per annum. Part of the bonds — in the amount of 205 mln USD — was purchased by new investors, and the second part in the amount of 75 mln USD was placed within the framework of the exchange offer maturing in 2010 (yield 8.25% placed in 2007).

Credit Suisse was the organizer of placement and of exchange offer.

For information: AK BARS Bank has one more Eurobonds issue circulating in the market in the amount of 300 mln USD maturing in June 2011 and with a coupon yield of 9.25% per year.

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