Ak Bars Bank listed among TOP-20 Russian Banks within World’s Best Banks by Forbes

Forbes magazine in collaboration with Statista research agency rated banks in 23 countries. Ak Bars Bank was ranked 9th among TOP-20 Russian Banks.

Research covered more than 40 000 people from 23 countries. Credit organizations were rated on the following criteria: customer satisfaction, terms and products offered by Bank, customer service, digital service and financial advice. There were from 5 to 60 leading banks selected in each country according to research results.

The highest positions belong to Dutch financial company ING Group and American Citibank rated highest in eight and six countries respectively.

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Ak Bars Bank completed the first quarter of 2020 with the net profit of RUB 1.03 bln.
Ak Bars Bank publishes IFRS consolidated financial statements for 2019 with an independent auditor report