AK BARS Bank held the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 22nd of January, 2015

AK BARS Bank’s shareholders have passed a resolution on the early termination of the current Board of Directors full powers and election of the new Board of Directors. The reason for the given above was the Application of Midkhat Rafkatovich Shagiakhmetov regarding his withdrawal fr om the structure of the Board of Directors for his appointment to the post of the Deputy Head of Volgo-Vyatsky Administration— Head of the Department of the National Bank of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The shareholders approved amendments to the Charter, The Regulations of the Board of Directors and The Bank Board Regulations aimed at bringing them in compliance with the Russia legislation norms.

After the end of the Extraordinary Meeting of AK BARS Bank’s shareholders, the meeting of the Board of Directors of AK BARS Bank was held, wh ere the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Members of the relevant committees and their Chairmen were elected.

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