AK BARS Bank carried out the redemption and paid the sixth coupon for the bonds of Makheev Finance

June 7, 2010 AK BARS Bank as a paying agent fulfilled redemption and paid on June 3, 2010 the sixth coupon yield on bonds of Makheev Finance (state registration number 4-01-36235-R 02.08.2007) in the amount of 16% per year which is 79,78 (seventy nine rubles and seventy eight copecks) for a bond. The bonded dept of Makheev Finance was placed on June, 2007. The circulation period is 3 years. The volume of the loan is 600 000 000 (six hundred million) roubles. The attracted funds allowed the enterprise to fulfill several major projects, to form a public credit history and to become widely recognized as a successful participant of stock market.

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