Safe Deposit Boxes

Ak Bars Bank offers corporate clients the renting of safe deposit boxes available for depositing of a variety of valuables, cash, jewellery, securities, documents, works of art, etc.

Boxes are placed in a specially equipped depository, and locked with two internal keys. The key for the first lock is for the use by the Bank Officer use, the key for the second lock is for use by the Client. The Bank guarantees confidentiality regarding valuables deposited. Only a client, or a person authorised by the client, has the access for the safe deposit box.

To make use of this service, a client provides the Bank with documents confirming the registration of its company as a legal entity. Payment is to be made for the entire rental period by wire transfer within two working days of signing the agreement.

This service is available for all legal entities, both residents and non-residents.

The service is available at the Ak Bars Bank Head Office.