Internet Banking

The features offered by our online corporate banking services make borders and distance no object for our clients. OJSC AK BARS BANK has developed them especially for people who live active lives and value convenience and an advanced level of service. Using our Internet/Client Bank, Telephone Client, Electronic Statement and SMS Info systems and services, AK BARS clients can perform account transactions and manage their accounts online or by telephone whenever and wherever it is convenient.

Our advanced Internet/Client Bank system allows OJSC AK BARS BANK clients to make electronic payments online, obtain statements of account and manage their AK BARS accounts. The system means that clients no longer have to submit physical payment documents to the bank, and provide comprehensive protection against potential fraud. It is easy to use and can be set up on any computer with Internet access.

The Internet/Client Bank system is advanced online payment system that allows AK BARS clients to manage their accounts remotely.

Because the system does not require installing or configuring special software, clients can connect to Internet Bank from any computer with Internet access.


  • Create and process payment documents in rubles and foreign currency and foreign exchange control documents
  • Receive information on account transactions and balances, statements of account and attachments
  • Correspond with the bank and send the bank payroll lists for salary payment into deposit accounts or onto special salary cards, subject to the relevant contracts being in place
  • Grant access to company documents and delegate powers
  • Digital signature support for authentication of document content and authorship


  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Work on the move, securely
  • Digital signature storage with eToken PRO
  • Session keys generated with eToken PASS authentication device

This service allows clients to receive information by mobile phone on incoming and outgoing payments and on their company’s settlement account balances in Russian rubles and foreign currency.

Clients can have information sent to a specified mobile phone number on incoming and outgoing payments and on their company’s settlement account balances in Russian rubles and foreign currency.

Electronic Statement allows clients to produce statements of their account with Ak Bars in real time, with secure Internet access, from any computer or mobile phone, using a scratch card password. The service does not require any additional software.

It enables clients to keep their financial details for settlement accounts in Russian rubles and foreign currency up to date.


  • A company employee with the required access level can produce reports at any time on a selected period, choose the selection parameters and print out the required information fully formatted
  • Users need to log in with a login/password to view data on operations performed


  • Users can obtain information wherever is convenient as long as they have Internet access
  • No need to install additional software

Clients can call OJSC Ak Bars Bank at any time for accurate information on their account balance: it’s simple and easy. Clients benefit from a convenient voice menu, the opportunity to work with an unlimited number of accounts, access to the system from anywhere in the world, and information security and protection. All this requires nothing more than a telephone with a dial tone and for the client to want to be informed.

The Telephone Client service allows clients to obtain information on their bank account quickly and easily.

With the Telephone Client service, clients can get information on their account 24 hours a day by telephone or fax.


  • Get account balance information by telephone
  • Get statements of account by fax
  • Get account loan documents by fax
  • Get banking details for OJSC Ak Bars Bank

Benefits of the system

  • A convenient and intuitive voice menu
  • Can be used with an unlimited number of accounts
  • Accessible anywhere in the world from any telephone with a dial tone
  • PIN code-based identification and client session keys guarantee information security
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Internet/Client Bank systems
How to get connected
  • Complete two copies of an addendum to the customer agreement for your bank account
  • Submit one copy of the addendum to the bank
  • Once all the necessary documents have been processed, you will receive a PIN code and session keys allowing you to use the service