Opening an account for non-resident bank

Documents required from a non-resident bank for opening an account

  • Application for opening an account.
  • Agreement according to the established procedure.
  • Documents confirming legal status of non-resident bank according to the law of the country the bank is registered in, legalised by the embassy (consulate) of the Russian Federation abroad
    • constituent documents;
    • documents confirming state registration of non-resident bank.
  • Certified signatures book setting out persons authorised to make transactions on behalf of the non-resident bank, including the disposal of funds in the non-resident bank’s account. In case of electronic document turnover, the procedure of acknowledgment of the Signature Analogue is established, and an Agreement on the procedure and terms and conditions of Signature Analogue’s utilisation is concluded.
  • Copy of the Regulations for the Branch (Representative Office), certified according to the established procedure in the case of the agreement being signed by a Branch Director (manager) acting with the power of attorney on behalf of the non-resident bank.
  • Certificate of registration with a tax body (form #11SV-Uchet).
  • Other documents specified by the current law and by the Bank’s requirements.


  • Official documents specified in the list and drawn up in the territory of a foreign state which is a member of the Hague Convention are accepted by the Bank if they possess an Apostille (a certification signature) on the document itself, or on a separate sheet of paper, provided by a competent body of the foreign state in accordance with the Hague Convention’s requirements.
    Legalisation and provision of an Apostille on documents specified in the list are not required, if documents have been drawn up
    • in the territory of foreign states which are members of the Convention on Legal Support and Legal Relations of Civil, Family and Criminal cases (signed in Minsk on January 22nd, 1993.);
    • in the territory of foreign states with which the Russian Federation has concluded agreements on legal support and legal relations of civil, family and criminal cases.
  • The power of attorney specified in item 5 of the list shall be certified by a notary. The power of attorney sent (brought in) from abroad shall be legalised either by the embassy (consulate) of the foreign state in the Russian Federation or by the embassy (consulate) of the Russian Federation abroad with the translation certified by a notary.
  • Documents drawn up in a foreign language and translated into the Russian language are submitted to the bank. The translation should be certified by a notary.

For registration of the foreign organisation with the State Tax Inspectorate and receipt of the respective certification according to the procedure established in the Regulations governing the registration with the tax authorities of foreign organisations, as approved by the Act of Federal Tax Service of Russia dated February 13, 2012 # MMV-7-6/80@ the following documents are required:

  • application for registration (Registration Certificate issue) according to the procedures specified by the Act of Federal Tax Service of Russia # MMV-7-6/80@;
  • certificate from the tax authority of the foreign state (in an arbitrary form) indicating registration of the foreign organisation as a taxpayer in the country of the foreign state, with indication of the tax payer code (or its equivalent);
  • power of attorney for presenting the interests of the foreign state to the State Tax Inspectorate at the time of registration.