Documentary Business

A professional choice in the method of international contract payments is one of the essentials of any trade transaction. When effecting export-import transactions, the Bank offers its clients all forms of payment within international banking practice: payments (in all hard currencies and also in national currencies of the CIS), letters of credit and collection.

The Bank’s range of services with regard to documentary business includes the following:

  • drawing up and editing of foreign trade contracts with regard to methods of payment and the list of the required documents;
  • filling in the application for L/C opening;
  • drawing up of the L/C draft;
  • checking of the authenticity of the L/C;
  • preliminary advising for the L/C;
  • advising and confirmation of export L/Cs of the Bank’s clients, as well as of transit L/Cs;
  • advising of changes in the terms and conditions of the L/C;
  • issuing and availability of import L/Cs;
  • using of credit lines set by top foreign banks for Ak Bars Bank for confirmation of L/Cs;
  • L/Cs transferal;
  • checking of financial and commercial documents for the L/C;
  • drafting of shipping documents.

We are also prepared to provide any advisory service regarding these methods of payment: participation in negotiations with foreign partners, drawing up of reliable and less expensive transaction schemes,with estimated rates of banking charges and tenor of the transaction etc.

Owing to the Bank’s steady contacts with leading European and US banks, practically all documentary operations are executed directly with banks of our clients’ counterparts (excluding intermediary banks). This allows clients to minimize banking services costs.

Ak Bars Bank executes documentary business with all foreign banks, including banks of the CIS and Baltic states, both in hard currencies and Russian rubles.