Accounts of non-residents in the currency of the Russian Federation

Accounts of non-residents in the currency of the Russian Federation are available to legal entities non-residents, including foreign diplomatic and other official representatives, international organizations, their branches and representative offices located in the Russian Federation.

Current accounts in foreign currencies

Current accounts in foreign currencies are available to legal entities residents/non-residents, registered according to the established procedure, as well as to individual businessmen residents/non-residents.

All the documents submitted to open a bank account are to be valid on the date of their submission.

Documents submitted to open a bank account compiled in a foreign language in whole or in part (except for identification documents of individuals issued by competent agencies of foreign counties, documents compiled in several languages including the Russian language, and forms in accordance with the FATCA requirements) are to be accompanied with a translation into the Russian language (including translation of seals, stamps, apostilles, etc.) attested according to the procedure established with the law.