Retail Banking

The development of retail banking at Ak Bars Bank is based on state-of-the-art financial technology, and the professional skills of its personnel. The regular renewal of retail product lines and services, taking into account the individual needs of each customer complies with the general model of banking optimisation.

At the end of 2011, Ak Bars Bank acquired the status of Official Bank and Official Supplier of Banking Services to the events of the 27th World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. Within this partnership, the Bank will provide several products, such as debit, credit and also prepaid cards, the latter being new to the Russian market.

As a result of the Bank’s awareness of trends in banking technology, it became one of the first banks in Russia to issue MasterCard Worldwide multiservice cards with a PayPass feature and the Universiade 2013 logo in summer 2012. These cards are the newest technology in contactless payments in Russia.

The Bank develops and supports innovation. Under a pilot project, Ak Bars Bank was one of the first banks in Russia to start issuing «Universal electronic cards». As well as a payment (bank) application, these cards also feature identification and pension applications. In addition, the functionality of such cards allows additional transport and a bonus «Drug kompanii» applications.

Ak Bars Bank is among the top 10 Russian banks with the most branches* and continues to realize its potential. The Bank continually develops its various loan products and deposits, and supports high-quality payment and cash services, as well as other areas of business.

Ak Bars Bank card provides a universal, hi-tech way of paying for goods and services anywhere in the world without commission (excluding Visa Electron and Maestro cards). This also implies no foreign currency declaration when travelling abroad.

Ak Bars Bank issues and services cards which are the part of the MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International payment systems.

The Nizhnekamsk branch of our Bank issues and services chip-enabled InterKama cards. Cards which are the part of the Russian Union Card payment system, and STB cards previously issued by the Bank, are also serviced.

The Benefits of Bankcards from Ak Bars Bank
  • they are serviced through an extensive network: over 1,200 cash-dispensing points and ATM machines throughout Russia;
  • favourable terms for withdrawing cash from the ATMs of our partners: ORS (Unified Payment System). A full list of our partners’ ATMs can be found on the ORS;
  • the option of adding funds to the bankcard using ATMs with cash acceptance capabilities or by referring directly to the appropriate department of the Bank;
  • transfers of funds by order of individuals using ATMs to pay for telecoms and mobile phone services, fines to the GIBDD (State Inspectorate for Traffic Safety in the Republic of Tatarstan), shares in AK BARS CAPITAL (OOO UK) open-ended mutual fund, as well as transfers of funds by order of individuals using ATMs to make payments to the AK BARS SOZIDANIE Charity Fund;
  • interest is paid on the account’s remaining balance.

Interest is accrued to the remaining balance of card accounts. The rate of interest is dependent on the currency of the account and the card’s tariff. The interest is calculated every last working day of the month and is added to the amount in customer’s account.

On opening/closing of a card account in the course of an accounting month, interest is paid based on the minimum balance of the account over that accounting period.

Prepaid cards from Ak Bars Bank are part of the MasterCard Worldwide international payment system and feature the MasterCard PayPass contactless payment technology.

These cards can be issued by customers without opening a bank account, up to the amount initially paid onto them, as well as up to the amount by which they are topped up in case of reloadable prepaid cards.

Prepaid card of Ak Bars Bank is perfect solution if you are

  • planning a holiday or a business trip in lack of time, without setting up a card account;
  • planning to make a purchase from an internet store without divulging the card details over the internet;
  • having troubles in coming up with smart gift solution.

Prepaid card from Ak Bars Bank are a new type of card now available to customers.

  • Prepaid cards from Ak Bars Bank are part of the MasterCard Worldwide international payment system and feature the MasterCard PayPass contactless payment technology.
  • Prepaid cards of Ak Bars Bank are in service in retail outlets throughout the world: wherever MasterCard Worldwide is accepted, including internet.
  • Thanks to the transport app it features, a prepaid card of Ak Bars Bank can be used as a public transport service payment facility (in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk and Zelenodolsk).
  • The use of this card is precisely the same as that of an ordinary travelcard. The transport app can be topped-up at any travelcard top-up point.
Contactless payment for purchases using PayPass technology

MasterCard PayPass technology providing payments at a single touch.

With the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass you will be able to make considerably quicker purchases! Thanks to this new technology, payment is made almost instantaneously. And, what is more, if the cost of your purchase is under 1,000 Roubles, you don’t need to spend time entering your PIN-code or signing a slip.

There is no need to pass the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass to the cashier in order to make a purchase. It stays in your hands, and you are in complete control of the payment process.

Currently, PayPass technology is already in use in 36 countries around the world, and that number is growing every day.

You can find out more about PayPass technology here.

Contactless payment for urban public transport services with the transport app (in a number of cities in Tatarstan)

Multi-service MasterCard with PayPass can be used as a payment facility for urban public transport services in a number of cities in Tatarstan: Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk and Zelenodolsk.

The use of Multi-service MasterCard with PayPass payment mechanism for transport services is exactly the same as that ofthe ordinary travelcard’s. Topping-up of the transport app on the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass can be done at any of the travelcard top-up points.

The use of this card is precisely the same as an ordinary travelcard’s.

Receiving discounts, bonuses and money back off purchases with the «Drug kompanii» scheme

«Drug kompanii» is a scheme whereby holders of the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass receive bonuses, and discounts, or money off purchases (cash back) when making purchases from Partners of the «Drug kompanii» scheme.

By paying for purchases with the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass, cardholders receive discounts, bonuses and cash back of up to 20% with more than 200 partners of the «Drug kompanii» programme. A complete list of the Programme Partners and the discounts offered by the Programme Partners have been published on the website

As well as all the usual financial services (paying for goods and services at retail outlets and withdrawing cash) holders of the multi-service MasterCard with PayPass from Ak Bars Bank can use remote banking services (SMS Banking and AK BARS Online), to pay for utilities, telecoms services, including mobile telecoms, and also fines to the GIBDD (State Inspectorate for Traffic Safety, Republic of Tatarstan). It can also be used to repay loans to Ak Bars, to carry out transfers from one card to another (those issued by AK BARS Bank) at the Bank’s ATMs, as well as to carry out a whole range of other transactions.

The prepaid MasterCard PayPass® is designed to make the stay of guests of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan as pleasant and comfortable as possible. There are two types of «Guest Card» available:

  • Individual card;
  • A family card for two-person use.

The «Guest Card» allows you to:

  • visit 5 of the 24 museums in the city of Kazan;
  • go on a sight-seeing tour of Kazan, including a trip to the Kazan Kremlin;
  • make an exclusive visit to Kazan Town Hall and the Museum of History of Kazan University;
  • receive discounts and bonuses in cafés, restaurants, entertainment complexes and souvenir shops.
  • use it as a travelcard for 5 trips on public transport (this applies only to the individual card).

The card also features all the functions of the multi-service card from Ak Bars Bank.

Watch2pay — is a watch with MasterCard® PayPass™ contactless payment, and unique prepaid card technology, in one.

In order to make a purchase, all you have to do is put the watch to the PayPass terminal installed at the till of the shop, café or petrol station.

The watch is a convenient payment device. Always with you, and to hand.

MasterCard PayPass technology allows you to make purchases with just one touch.

The speed of the transaction is no more than 10 seconds, in contrast to the normal methods of payment by card or with cash. For purchases up to the value of 1,000 Roubles, no PIN-code is needed.

*The number of watch2pay devices available is limited.
What do you receive when you apply for a watch2pay?
  • a reloadable prepaid MasterCard with PayPass
  • a watch with MasterCard PayPass technology
  • the benefits of using a prepaid card
  • no need for documents
  • handy for youngsters— keeping their pocket money safe
  • internet purchases — made simple and convenient
  • you can spend as much as you have in the account
  • you can top-up the card in departments of the Bank using AK BARS Online and MasterCard MoneySend© transfer systems
Why do you need cash if you have a watch2pay?
The watch2pay
  • always to hand
  • no more rummaging around in your bag
  • lightweight and resilient
  • a choice of colours and design
  • secure
  • difficult to mislay
  • reliable Seiko Epson mechanism
The design of the watch is selected by the customer. Guaranteed for one year. The Bank accepts no responsibility for the quality of the watches. Owners of the watch with any complaints regarding their quality have the legal right to direct their complaints to the manufacturer LAKS Gmbh.

AK Bars Bank cash transfers are a reliable and quick way of sending money to relatives and friends wherever they may be.

The bank offers cash transfer servicesto individuals who are citizens of Russia and other countries, and also stateless persons and refugees without the need for opening a bank account. Cash transfers can be sent and received in rubles or foreign currency to anywhere in Russia or abroad.

Transfers without the need for opening an account
Transfers CONTACT
  • Transfers throughout Russia, CIS states, the Baltic and distant countries abroad
  • In RF rubles, US dollars or Euro
  • Commission: 1,5% of the transfer amount — in rubles within the territory of the Russian Federation; 2% — in rubles, US dollars and Euro in CIS countries and distant countries
Transfers Western Union
  • 480 thousand offices in 200 countries of the world
  • In RF rubles or US dollars
  • Commission: depending on the transfer amount
Transfers Unistream
  • Transfers throughout Russia, CIS countries and distant countries abroad
  • In RF rubles, US dollars or Euro
  • Commission: depending on the transfer amount and destination
Transfers Zolotoya Korona
  • Transfers throughout Russia, CIS countries (with the exception of Armenia) and Turkey
  • In RF rubles, US dollars or Euro
  • Commission: 1,5% or 1% of the transfer amount — in rubles within the territory of the Russian Federation; 0,5%-1,5% — in rubles, US dollars and Euro in the CIS countries and Turkey

Within one single operational day, a resident individual (citizen of the Russian Federation) may send a cash transfer in foreign currency of no more than 5000 US dollars.