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Ak Bars Bank is a universal bank which develops corporate, retail and investment businesses.
The Bank services large companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, construction, chemical, and automotive industries, as well as agricultural and other commercial enterprises.
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Sales diversification is one of the key focus areas of Ak Bars Bank’s activity, with key attention being devoted to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are less vulnerable to global risks, and less dependent on the macroeconomic situation in a given country. The development of this segment of the Bank’s clients’ portfolio is the basis for the overall growth of the Bank.

The Bank’s loan products for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise are focused on assisting to increase business income, on their standardisation, and on their availability to customers at the same, maintaining the high quality and reliability of the portfolio.

We are welcoming our international partners.

Ak Bars Bank believes that the trust invested in it is built on its credibility and transparency of information. Available through the search line in Bloomberg <BBG000PG2V69> and Thomson Reuters Eikon RIC <AKBRI.RTS>.

Basic records of the Bank’s Shareholders’ structure, Corporate governance and other significant facts are represented in this section.

Ak Bars Bank is aiming to build long-term and trusting relationships with foreign financial institutions meeting both Bank’s and partners needs and economic efficiency.

Ak Bars Bank maintains correspondent relations with the leading banks in Russia and overseas.

Bank is Participating FFI within FATCA. The Bank’s Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) is ZDFUFB.00000.LE.643.