Save up to 34% of contact center resources
by automating routine operations

Aimee - a solution based on a deep learning algorithms
that helps the operator find the right answer, and answers by herself if she is sure.


More than Chat-Bot

Aimee is constantly learning. It does not require a large training sample and a man-customizer.
Therefore, it may be quickly installed and ready to help with the first answers.
She is successfully used to help clients mobile application chat, optimize the work of helpdesk and advise site visitors.
Aimee works in banks, medicine and telecom.
How it works
How it works

Most suitable answer

Aimee constructs new answers based on previous responses of operators, customer data and the context of the conversation. The answers are sorted by the degree of certainty. The order depends on each answer and customer satisfaction.

Automatic answer
when it reaches
a confidence threshold

Aimee takes over the routine. She answers the questions herself if her confidence exceeds a certain threshold. The operator turns into a teacher, solving increasingly unconventional tasks.

similar responses

Aimee understands with a half-word. After the first letters of the input, Aimee offers the best answer, which is adapted to the specific user and his situation.

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