On July 25, the scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of OJSC «AK BARS» Bank took place

At the meeting the Board of Directors took note of the implementation of guidelines for the development of «AK BARS» Bank in 2014 and the results of the II quarter and the I half of 2014.

Thus, during the 1st half of 2014 the Bank expanded the scope of its activities, and as a result, the assets increased for 6.7% or for 24.3 billion rubles. resching 387.5 billion rubles. Net loans for the six months increased for 10.9% reaching 252.3 billion rubles. The Capital of the Bank, as of July 1, totaled 47.2 billion rubles. The financial results of the bank for the 1st half of the year became the net profit in the amount of 184.3 million rubles.

Furter on, the report of the Internal Control with the audit results of OJSC «AK BARS» Bank in the I half of 2014 was listened to and approved as well the report on the measures implementation addressing deficiencies identified during ICS inspections. The The Board also listened to the report by OJSC «AK BARS» Bank Controller about the results of the II quarter of 2014.

In addition, the Board of Directors considered the issue of «The results of compliance assessment of the members of OJSC» AK BARS" Bank Board of Directors with the criteria of independence" and identified four independent directors of the elected Board of Directors.

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