Meeting of the AK BARS BANK Board of Directors was held on 24 April

The Bank’s Board of Directors extended the term of office for the Corporate Secretary of OJSC AK BARS BANK as well as reviewed and preliminarily approved the Annual Report, the annual financial statements including the income statement of AK BARS BANK based on the results of the financial year 2012. Moreover, the Board of Directors approved recommendations to the Annual General meeting on distribution of profit of financial year 2012, as well as appointed the auditor of AK BARS BANK.

In addition, the Board of Directors reviewed the implementation progress of key development areas of AK BARS BANK in the 1stquarter of 2013. Besides, the members of the Board of Directors addressed matters related to amending the Charter of AK BARS BANK and the Regulation «On the General Meeting of Shareholders of AK BARS BANK». The new edition of the Regulation «On the Board of Directors of AK BARS BANK» was previewed and then recommended to be submitted for the approval at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders. The Board of Directors also modified the Regulation «On Liquidity Management Procedures in AK BARS BANK».

The Board of Directors previewed the list of related party transactions which the Bank can make between 31.05.2013 and the next Annual General Meeting of shareholders during its banking activity in compliance with the banking license, as well as during its activity in the securities market in compliance with the license of a professional participant of the securities market. Besides, the related party transactions were approved, the bad debts were written off, the composition of the AK BARS BANK Management Board was addressed, and the purchase of OJSC ‘Universal Electronic card’ additional shares by AK BARS BANK was reviewed.

The Board of Directors decided on convening of the Annual General Meeting of AK BARS BANK shareholders and determined the date, the time and the venue for the General Meeting; the time for beginning the registration of those entitled to attend the Meeting; the ending date for voting forms collection and the postal address for completed proxy voting forms; the date for listing persons entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting; the meeting agenda; the list of information provided to shareholders as part of preparation for the meeting; and the form and the text of the voting ballot.

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Audited by the Certification Association Russian Register, Ak Bars Bank has become the first Russian bank to have proven its business continuity management system to be compliant with ISO 22301 (GOST R ISO 22301).
The Bank held a tender procedure for the supply of FSC-certified copy paper.