Chairman’s Message

Valery Sorokin
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ak Bars Bank
Dear shareholders, partners and clients of the bank,

Ak Bars Bank keeps going ahead, sets long-term strategic goals and achieves them. In 2019, the profit we made was the historical high, and the net fee-based income was at the highest level ever in the history of the bank.

The bank has strengthened its credibility at the federal level. Following the results of the year, the bank ranked 17th in terms of assets among the Russian banks. The financial performance of the credit institution continues to grow, and this reflects a well-chosen development strategy.

In 2019, such leading analytical agencies as ACRA, Expert RA, and Moody’s assigned Ak Bars Bank the stable positive ratings. The expert assessment confirms the bank’s reliability, consistency and ability to fulfill its obligations at all times.

The Board of Directors believes that in 2020 Ak Bars Bank will show new growth rate in all areas of activity and continue to increase its competitive position on the banking market.

I would like to thank the team of Ak Bars Bank for its fruitful work, expertise and competence. I express my appreciation to the clients, partners and shareholders for their support and trust!

Zufar Garaev
Chairman of the Management Board of Ak Bars Bank
Dear shareholders, partners and clients of the bank,

The development of Ak Bars Bank has come a long way on the country’s banking market and continues to gather pace. We have built up a reputation as a solid, reliable and forward-thinking bank that is ahead of expectations.

The driver to move forward is our clients. The bank takes the challenges of time with ease. It transforms and adapts to changes all the time, takes into account current trends and remains at the top of the list.

The financial technologies were the motto for 2019 that passed. The bank’s digital heart — Ak Bars Digital Technologies — has achieved significant progress. The introduction of advanced technological solutions has improved the quality of client servicing.

The Ak Bars Online 3.0 mobile application was ranked third in the Markswebb’s rating. In the short time, our mobile solution for small business, Ak Bars Business Drive, managed to be ranked high as well in this rating.

Ak Bars Bank, together with the Bank of Russia and the FinTech Association, works out the innovative blockchain projects to introduce solutions into the financial activities.

In 2020, Ak Bars Bank will continue to dive into the digitalization. We will improve the process of interaction with FinTech services, develop technological areas and marketing tools.

I would like to thank clients, partners and shareholders for their support, trust and incentive for further growth!