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AK BARS Bank celebrates its 20th anniversary!

29 Ноября 2013
A full-fledged participant in the world banking system, AK BARS Bank OJSC is entering its third decade of operations as one of the 20 largest lending institutions in Russia. Holding all forms of banking charters, AK BARS Bank provides more than a hundred types of banking services, serving over 2.7 million individuals and 52,000 corporate clients. The shareholder equity of the bank is 50 billion rubles, and assets come to 367 billion rubles. AK BARS Bank operates 44 branches in seven federal districts and 33 regions of the Russian Federation, from Krasnoyarsk to Krasnodar, where clients receive high quality, comprehensive banking services.
AK BARS Bank is one of the most active Russian banks, and they implement the latest technology. Clients today can remotely manage their finances and control their accounts and cards thanks to remote banking service channels. In 2011, AK BARS Bank was designated as a General Partner in the 27th Worldwide Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. They developed and implemented innovative card products and an advanced payment infrastructure in relation to this designation.
Harmony of interests is the main principle that AK BARS Bank has embodied for 20 years now. The bank regularly expands its product line and fosters mutually profitable relations with its clients and partners. It is hard to imagine the national banking system today without AK BARS Bank, a stable and efficient financial institution with potential for further
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