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The meeting of AK BARS Bank Board of Directors took place on October 26

26 Октября 2010

AK BARS Bank Board of Directors studied the implementation of annual financial plan of AK BARS Bank for the third quarter and 9 months of 2010.

AK BARS Bank takes as of the reporting date the 16th place in terms of equity capital and the 18th place in terms of assets among the 30 largest banks of the Russian Federation. Alongside with this, total assets of the Bank increased during 9 months of 2010 by 9.7 billion rubles from 226.5 billion rubles to 236.2 billion rubles.

Deposits of private customers amounted to 42.5 billion rubles having increased during the first 9 months of the running year by 11.1 billion rubles or by 35.5%.

The volume of the corporate customers’ deposits made up 96.8 billion rubles.

Balance sheet profit of 459.7 million rubles was the financial result of the Bank’s activity for 9 months of 2010.

In addition, the Board of Directors adopted the main key indices for the annual financial plan of the Bank for 2011. The following areas were highlighted as the main priorities for the upcoming year: expansion of activity in key regions and gaining defined market shares in those regions; extending active operations in corporate and retail business; more active work in raising resources in domestic capital markets.

The members of the Board of Directors also adopted the Regulations “About the procedure of legal risk management of AK BARS Bank” in the new edition, heard the report of AK BARS Bank Controller for the third quarter of 2010 and approved related-party transactions.

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