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AK BARS Bank announced issue start of EMV-standard chip cards

20 Апреля 2009
AK BARS Bank successfully completed certification for the issue of EMV-standard chip cards in international MasterCard WorldWide and Visa Int payment systems.

The Bank is going to offer these cards to its clients since May. According to the words of Andrey Lygin, head of Department of payment systems development, this step allows to the Bank to minimize the risks of cards fraud and to fulfill programs of loyalty and co-brand projects. For instance, the Bank is working at a joint project with Tatnefteproduct company within the framework of which chip cards with bank and bonus applications will be issued.

Total volume of emission of AK BARS Bank cards by the end of 1st quarter of 2009 made up more than 700 000 cards, which is twice as much as compared to 2007. The Bank has more than 1200 ATMs and operation offices.
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